Foreigner - Blinded by Science

понеделник, 7 ноември 2011 г.

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Blinded by science, I'm on the run
Blinded by science, where do I belong?
What's in the future, has it just begun?
Blinded by science, I'm on the run

I worry about the world that we live in

I'm worried by all the confusion
I wonder 'bout the lies I've been reading
I wonder where this madness is leading

Is this a road going nowhere?

Or is someone leading us somewhere?
I can't believe we're here for no reason
There must be something we can believe in

Това е местенце, където музикални фантазии ще се вихрят в различни галактики от звуци, обединени в жанрове и предпочитания.


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